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Country Company Telephone Man Rep Email
All of Europe Sensata Technologies
Holland B.V.
+31-74-357-8156 d-kuipers@sensata.com
Austria Willburger System GmbH 49.8841.3028 info@willburger.de
Belgium Adinco BV 31.345.596.000 airpax@adinco.nl
Denmark Chemo Electric as info@chemolec.dk
France Alcyon Electronique info@alcyonelectronique.fr
Germany Willburger System GmbH 49.8841.3028 info@willburger.de
Germany Neumueller Elektronik GmbH 49.9135.736660 info@neumueller.com
Hungary Realker Kft 36.1.467.1746 info@realker.hu
Ireland Charcroft Electronics +44 1591 610408 sales@charcroft.com
Israel Amironic 972.3.9047744 amironic@amironic.co.il
Italy Elcam SpA 390.2.66200990 comparone@elcam.it
Italy Pansystem Srl +39 06 4130978 info@pansystem-italia.it
Netherlands Adinco BV 31.345.596.000 airpax@adinco.nl
Norway Promoco AB 46.8792069 info@promoco.se
Portugal Anatronic S.A. 351.19.376267 info@anatronic.com
Spain (Madrid) Anatronic S.A. 34.91.3660159 info@anatronic.com
Spain (Barcelona) Anatronic S.A. info@anatronic.com
Spain (Vizcaya) Anatronic S.A. 34.94.4636066 info@anatronic.com
Sweden Promoco AB 46.8792069 info@promoco.se
Turkey Eltronik Ltd 90.312.475.6663 info@eltronik.com
United Kingdom Charcroft Electronics +44 1591 610408 sales@charcroft.com
Sensata Contact Telephone Fax Man Rep Email Responsibility
Fatima Silva 508.236.1894 508.236.1894 fsilva1@sensata.com Technical Assistance
thermostats & sensors
        Technical Assistance
circuit breakers & GFCI
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